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Who shredded the Blunkett "nannygate" fax?

David Davis has demanded to know the identity of the Whitehall officials who destroyed a so-called "killer fax" at the heart of the Blunkett "nannygate" affair.

And the Shadow Home Secretary has also called for the names of those who ordered the destruction of key documents to be revealed.

He stoked up pressure on the embattled Blair administration with another letter to former Treasury mandarin Sir Alan Budd, who is masterminding the investigation into the affair which has already resulted in the resignation of former Home Secretary David Blunkett, and forced the Prime Minister to reshuffle his Cabinet.

The Conservatives have already asked for a full explanation of how Home Office and immigration department officials failed to remember or recollect any message sent by fax and email concerning the fast-tracking of a visa for Leoncia Casalme, nanny to Mr Blunkett's former lover Kimberly Quinn.

Now in the latest letter fired off to Sir Alan Budd following reports that a key fax message had been mysteriously destroyed, Mr Davis wrote: "Further to my letter of yesterday about the destruction of evidence, you may have seen the article in today's Daily Mail asserting that the critical fax had been shredded.

"I would be very grateful therefore if, in addition to the questions raised yesterday, you could also identify in your report the names of individuals who carried out any destruction or deletion of data and the names of those who gave out any instruction to do so."

Davis, David

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